02.07.16wonder, wander

A different world.

What are the people living here thinking?

Are they debating the big life questions, like you and I?

One month into the new year that is 2016, and let’s be honest a lot has already happened in this ‘new’ year although to me it still feels fresh, I’m reflecting on last year’s travel and planning where to go next.

On my latest adventure I visited Istanbul. A magical beast of a city.

It’s where Europe, the Middle East and Asia collide. A melting pot of experiences, smells, tastes and people. A melting pot of culture. The more I think about it, the more this place fascinates me. Different worlds can co-exist so closely to each other, but each part still keeps it’s authentic identity. The Bosphorus providing a natural ‘boundary’ as it were.


wander pomegranate wander





While sipping on some fresh pomegranate juice and wandering the cobbled streets I was reminded of the beauty that is this world. It is truly an extraordinary place. And with the turbulent times of late I can’t help but think we sometimes make a big mess of it all. We should be preserving the people and the world we live in, not destroy it.

I don’t really believe in coincidences but whilst I was exploring this magical place I saw Oprah’s ‘Belief’ series popping up on social media, fascinated by the religion I was surrounded by at the time it made me dive into Oprah serie’s when I got home.

Let me just clarify I don’t automatically link belief with religion. It just happened that I was amongst religion at the time. I’m not religious myself but do like to think I am spiritual. Again, to me the two are vastly different. This is a very personal thing and probably something to explore another time, anyway I digress…

This series made me realise how much I don’t know about what is happening on this planet.

What are their driving forces?

What do they believe in?

Whether you agree or disagree, you must admit it is interesting. Fascinating even. People ‘believe’  in different ways, it has different shapes and forms. And even if they believe in the same,  the interpretation can be different for different people. The same goes for culture, and language, and food, and traditions. And for so much more.


wonder wonder wonder





And this is the very reason I love to travel and explore. Istanbul was a great reminder;

I need to feed this part of my soul and be open to the wonder around me.

And look up, always.

You you never know what you might find.

Where are you planning to go next, lovely?

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