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spotlight onFor this edition of spotlight on I have picked someone truly special. Or actually, I think Ina and I have picked each other. Ina came into my life when she took on a temp role at the company I work for. When I bumped into her at my station one morning we started chatting and soon we realised our desires are very much aligned although coming from completely different worlds and backgrounds. That combined with the fact that this gorgeous lady pretty much lives around the corner from me, made her very quickly one of my fave people to hang out with. Ina gets me, and I get her. Over the last couple of months we have had meaningful conversations about all things life and passion, whilst hanging out in our beautiful part of town on a ‘Dulwich date’. I’m grateful this gem and I have found each other and I’m excited to introduce you to someone I met outside the blogosphere. She is a multi-passionate lady and one to watch. Meet Ina Smith.

What does confidence mean to you?

Confidence to me is the courage to approach every situation with the attitude that you’ll either succeed OR learn something amazing whist failing.

Looking at your life in the here and now, what area do you feel most confident?

I feel the most confident when it comes to people- anything with people. Coaching, consulting, making new friends- anything that involves getting to know all about what makes someone unique.

What area of your life are you lacking confidence at the moment? (if any) And why do you think that is?

I think for me it will always come down to my body- I was a VERY chubby kid and it’s amazing how your past skeletons pop up whenever you’re feeling tired or vulnerable- ESPECIALLY when you’re in the entertainment & beauty industry. I focus now on being my best self instead of trying to look like a Hollywood actress that’s only been fed lettuce for a few months. Because let’s face it- I LOVE cheese.

Confidence boost, how do you get your fix?

My fiancée Tim. I am incredibly blessed to have found a man that tells me how wonderful he thinks I am every day (even when I don’t deserve it). Another great tip is to do a ‘superwoman’ pose for 30 seconds before an interview, meeting or date (anything that requires lots of confidence). There is an amazing TED talk by Amy Cuddy called “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are” that I picked that up from and it’s been scientifically proven to boost your confidence levels.

spotlight on

We all have them from time to time, a confidence crisis. How do you handle this?

Of course we do! I think that’s actually the number one thing I remind myself of when in the midst of the storm- that we ALL experience these moments and then I remind myself that they are transient. I try to make a list of my achievements- either from that day, week or year. Sometimes we don’t realise how fabulous we are until it’s written out in black and white in front of our eyes.

Describe a moment in your life confidence was a prominent aspect?

I trained predominately as a non-musical stage actor and fresh out of Drama School I somehow found myself cast in a multi-million dollar new musical for DISNEY. I remember arriving at the first rehearsal feeling sick and absolutely sure they would fire me after figuring out they’d made a huge mistake. The next nine months of the contract were some of the most formative in my life as a person and as a performer. I realised that if I put myself at the ledge of the proverbial cliff then I’d just have to jump off and that even though it was scary- it got easier every time I jumped. And talk about embracing failure! On opening night in front of over 1,000 people I made my grand entrance as Cinderella at the ball and I FELL DOWN THE GRAND STAIRCASE. But I picked myself up and by the end of the contract I was able to introduce myself as a singer and not feel like a liar- but it took getting myself on that stage time and time again.

Do you think there’s a difference between confidence and self-esteem? and what does this look like to you?

I think that self-esteem and confidence are obviously linked but quite different. Self-esteem is the private value you’ve given yourself wherein confidence is the mindset you approach the world and situations with. Someone with very low self-esteem can still appear very confident but it’s only when the two are balanced that a person really vibrates with integrity.

S H O R T  &  S W E E T

My favourite confidence related book is… The Tools by Barry Michaels and Phil Stutz.

I feel on top of the world when… I’ve successfully taken on something that had previously scared me.

My number one focus is… helping people realise it is possible to have everything they desire.

To relax and unwind I… take a bath. Arbonne Detox Sea Salt Bath Soak, candles, a good book and a glass of red wine. Bliss.

At the moment in my life, 8 hours of sleep every night is a non-negotiable

And  F I N A L L Y

What do you do to keep your mind, body and soul healthy?

I try and find balance wherever I can. I use a Passion Planner to make sure I’m leaving enough time for exercise and “me” / “family” time. I also try and meditate daily before I start my day.

What is your top tip in relation to confidence?

To put it in the great words of Oscar Wilde:” Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”. – always remember you are enough just as you are and being the best version of YOU is what makes you stunning.

spotlight on

About Ina

Ina Marie Smith is an American actress that relocated to the UK in 2010. As an actress Ina has been blessed to perform onstage in NYC, London and most of continental Europe in addition to a variety of film and voice-over work.

Ina recently started producing and her company Relative Motion will be launching its first fully realised production at the end of May called “The Theory of Relativity” – a chamber musical about the interconnectedness of human existence.

Alongside acting Ina is a consultant for Arbonne International and coaches and trains a global team of entrepreneurs to create a life by design by introducing people to pure, safe, cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare.

Other interests include cooking (well… mainly eating!), training for her second half-marathon and planning her upcoming wedding.

You can find Ina on Twitter, via her theatre production company Relative Motion or her Arbonne business.

What did I tell ya? She’s something else. I would love for you to connect with her so please go over and say hi. Ina reminds of the fact that behind every person is a story, a story worth sharing. If we allow ourselves to be open to new connections and listen, you might just find an amazing new friend who lives around the corner from you. Thank you Universe for bringing this lady into my life.


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