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spotlight on leahTime for another Spotlight On and I’m very excited about my guest today. She’s another Bloghearted babe and I had the pleasure to connect with her in real life, not that long ago. I love having some of these beautiful souls so close to me in London town. This travelling yogi is all about meaningful connection and cultivating change. She describes herself as justice agitator, artist of words and nature devotee. Her beautiful online space is called Paper Planes Connect and you can see her intensions shine of the page (read more about that below). This lady has such a sparkling and caring personality; it is contagious. She lives and breathes what she stands for and has visited some incredible places. She’s something else. Meet Leah Davies.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

“I’m Leah. I live in east London but originally hail from the sunny shores of Australia’s Central Coast. I’m a writer, human rights activist and an Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher. I love the feeling of grass beneath my naked feet, splashing in the waves and swell of the ocean and packing a bag with the essentials, man by my side, to take off to the next unknown destination.”

What do you feel is your purpose?

“I’m still unearthing this question day by day, but I’ve come to realise my purpose involves telling stories that deserve to be heard with the upmost dignity and respect. I feel drawn to raise awareness and educate people about social issues – both local and global – and to reframe the context to create opportunities for change. By telling a story in this way, people feel empowered to take steps forward, which will lead to positive, equitable and sustainable change. My yoga background plays a strong part in my purpose, both on and off the mat. It is an opportunity to connect with people, realign our being and to take with us the lessons of yoga as we go about our lives. In this sense, my purpose comes back to this: I am a writer for change.”

How did your blog, Paper Planes Connect, come into world?

“Paper Planes Connect was born some 15 months ago (wow!) and coincided with the grand move to live in London and travel Europe. I was seeking creativity, I knew that much. Then a friend of mine (someone who inspires the pants off me) suggested I start a blog. As soon as she uttered those words, it was like I was given permission to take action. From that moment, Paper Planes Connect has grown from a space to share stories of people on my travels to something much more. It’s a storytelling haven where each story has a message rooted in the belief that words are transformative and can affect social and cultural change. This is where we come back to the idea of yoga off the mat. Gandhi said: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ and following his wise advice, the stories of Paper Planes Connect feature people, groups and organisations who are doing just that and creating a better world for all.”

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What is you’re biggest boldest dream? 

“To have an impact, whether that be on one person’s life or hundreds.”

What is your morning ritual?

“I start my mornings by moving my body. I take a few moments to ask what my body needs – sometimes it’s a long run, other times it’s a slow yoga practice in the sun, or perhaps a circuit of exercises to some old faves like the Stones, Fleetwood and Zeppelin.

Then it’s time for a warm shower and a meditation session on my red pillow (aka my medi seat) where I reconnect and set an intention for the day. By this time, my belly is telling me it’s hungry so I whip up something delicious to fuel my day. Then it’s time to get to work!”

 And then some ‘quickies’

The craziest thing I’ve ever done …

“I’ve taken off on some crazy yet incredible solo travel. When I was 22 years old, I lived in Yogyakarta in central Java in Indonesia for a year to study abroad. It was one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life. A few years later, I took off to Delhi in India to spend time exploring the city and made a visit to the Taj Mahal before joining my uni friends. I was scared and stupendously happy all at the same time.”

I feel at my absolute best when … 

“I listen. We don’t listen all that often. White noise clouds our direction, but when I wait, let go of plans and really listen, that’s when the good stuff unfolds.”

My go-to affirmation is ….

““Those that are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety” – A Course in Miracles”

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To wrap things up, some words of wisdom you like to share with my tribe?

“Trust in the process. Everything that happens in life happens for a reason – the soaring highs and the bitter lows – so look for the lesson and grow. Everything you desire is in your reach. Keep on trying, and keep on trying some more ☺”

How wonderful is she?! Would you like to connect with Leah? Head over to Paper Planes Connect and say hi, she would love to hear from you. Or you can find her on Facebook Instagram and Pinterest.

As always thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Much love xx

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