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spotlight onI’m super excited for this weeks spotlight on guest. This beauty here ladies (and gentlemen, if you’re reading) is the creative brain behind my stunning looking site and other branded material!

In the light of Women in Biz it’s actually impossible not to feature her this month. She’s the epitome of a soulpreneur. She puts her dreams and desires first and has an insatiable zest for life. Heart open, love flowing, with an enormous amount of talent. Her words, pictures and creations grab me every. single. time. She is a brand in it’s own right.

We instantly connected through our loves for travel, London, creation and gin. I’m so grateful she stepped into my world when she did and even though she’s now on the other side of the planet, I know I made a friend for life. I’m planning to work on some more creative projects with her during the course of this year – watch this space! Look at her, isn’t she just the most gorgeous smiling soul. I love for you to get to know her a little better so let’s dive in. Meet Emma Kate. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I’m Emma Kate. I’m a graphic designer and perpetual traveler, hailing from sunny South Australia.
I’ve recently moved back to home soil after two years living in London and travelling around Europe (where I had the time of my life!). I’m using this time to build my business, and plan my next big adventure.

When I’m not creating, you can most likely find me sussing out the coffee/brunch menu at the newest place in town. Or… wandering a flower market!

What do you feel is your purpose?

I’m here on earth to create. Design is alchemy for me – when I’m not using my hands to write, paint, letter, stitch, make something, the world doesn’t make sense – I feel like I’m looking through a telescope backwards.

I make, with the intention to inspire and uplift. I’m in the business of making people’s days around the planet – directly, or indirectly.

How did your business/online home Emma Kate Co. come into the world?

When I graduated from my design degree at university, all I wanted to do was to hop on a plane and explore the world. I had set myself up as a freelance designer throughout my studies, and registered this as a business, although I didn’t really take it too seriously – it was more of a way to allow me to travel and work to support myself along the way. I was lucky to have enough regular clients – and be in an industry where remote working was very possible! So, I moved myself and my laptop to the south of France, and lived life a la Francaise for seven months. With the projects I worked on, I really started to carve out and establish my own unique style and creative aesthetic, and branch out to do a couple of wonderful creative collaborations, where I designed on my own terms! The success of these collaborations and demand for my work has woken me up to the notion of taking my creations and business more seriously… so this year, that’s what I’m doing! Big, creative, happy adventures ahead!

What is your biggest boldest dream? 

My big dream is to evolve my designs into a stationery/lifestyle, product based brand, more than being a design service/freelancer.

I adore working with brands on creative collaborations, and hope to do many more of these too!

Community is really important to me – I live for connection – and so my dream is to also build a beautiful, thriving community through my blog and online presence. I’d love to hold workshops and creative events, and spread love and beautiful sentiment far and wide.

What is your morning ritual?

I’ve always been an early riser – I love to be up with the sun! I always start my day with a mug of English breakfast tea. I’d like to say that I then do an hour of soul-nourishing yoga or meditation, but to be honest, I usually jump right into it – check through my emails/social media and make a to-do list for my day ahead! As I work with lovely people all around the globe, it’s always a treat to wake up and see what’s popped up overnight.

spotlight on

S H O R T & S W E E T

The craziest thing I’ve ever done is… ooh, that’s a good question! I love to climb or venture to places ‘out of bounds’. I used to climb onto my university rooftop, through the ladder hidden in the girl’s toilets, and watch the sunrise. I’ve also walked from Adelaide city to suburbia in the storm water tunnels under the city – it’s fascinating to see the world above from underground!

I feel at my absolute best when… I’m sitting barefoot and cross-legged on a plane, bound for an adventure! 

My go-to affirmation is… Go now, run wild, barefoot and free.

And F I N A L L Y

Some words of wisdom you like to share with my tribe?  

You’ve GOT this. And you are SO loved. I promise. xx

She is the real deal people, she really is. I massively encourage you to explore her wonderful creations and brand new site http://emmakateco.com, where you can also find the beautiful piece she has written on London which recently got featured on The Huffington Post. So proud of her. And if you like to connect a little bit more you can find her on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

Go on, shop yourself some magic in her online store. You know you want to.


5 thoughts on “spotlight on – emma kate

  1. Jo | The Mindful Morning

    I love this interview ladies – such a beautiful perspective on life! I love the adventuring free spirit that Emma Kate is – sitting barefoot and cross legged on a plane – Ah I can just imagine how she is feeling in those moments! X

    1. Nikki Post author

      Hi beautiful! Emma Kate is just gorgeous, such a free spirit indeed. Her words are magic if you ask me and her feelings shine off the page, love it x


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