08.11.14Spotlight On – Carly Jennings

spotlight on - CarlyAnother edition of Spotlight On has arrived. And today my guest is someone so special; I can’t wait for you to find out more about her! This lovely lady and I met through blogging and hit it off straight away. We’re yet to meet up in real life and hopefully that will happen very soon as we’re both UK based. Her blog Living Brightly is a very inspiring place and her journey is not an ordinary one. It’s been such a pleasure to watch her blog grow week by week. She is one of the most kind-hearted and authentic persons I have met in the blogosphere so far. Meet Carly Jennings.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

“Hi, Im Carly and I live in Sunny Kent – by the sea. I love to write and Blog. To spend time with my family (espcially my beautiful 2 year old Niece Amelia) and friends and sunbathe.

I suffer from long term Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Or more accurately an autoimmune Thyroid and Adrenal condition which has been long complicated journey to say the least. It has been difficult and I have been very restricted in life progression because of this illness. Most people are really not aware just how much so. But, I believe in also looking on the bright side and making the most of things when I can. Being ill has taught me to value the little things in life and the people I love. Having said that, it is tough when you have a condition which affects you so dramatically and for which there is little help. It is down to me to continue to research all I can and heal. I will do this :-) Along the way I have increasingly focused on bringing joy and purpose into my life. Trying to connect with other beautiful people when I can, and trying not to get too frustrated when I simply cannot. I love yoga and Meditation and finding this healing path has been a blessing and my destiny.

Luckily Im naturally quite a happy person at heart and I think this has helped me.

Quite simply ‘I am a work in progress’ :-)”

What do you feel is your purpose?

“I feel like my purpose is to figure out this Health thing. To find the answers. Get well and then share all I have learnt and help others. To make a difference and to improve my circumstances by moving forwards with my life and being happy. My purpose is to create something GOOD out of this situation. I also feel my purpose is to love myself and accept myself. To value the small things and appreciate it all. To be brave enough to follow my destiny. That is an ongoing purpose.”

How did your blog, Living Brightly, come into world?

“It was born because I had so many thoughts and words and information swirling within my head which I wanted to share. Life with illness – and being unable to work – has meant that my brain and creativity was never able to shine since finishing university over a decade ago. I knew I had so much to offer but for so long I could find no feasible way to express it and find an outlet which worked for me. I had a passion for writing and suddenly I just decided to start. To share all I have learnt and go for it. My Blog was born. It was the passion and purpose I was searching for and I feel I have found my voice and my vocation. I only hope I can build it up to be all that I desire it to be. Exciting times.”

What is you’re biggest boldest dream?

“To wake up and feel healthy and energetic. To Ride a Bike, run free, drive for miles and miles, and feel like Health and Energy is of no concern.”

What is your morning ritual?

“I don’t have a set ritual as I have to rest a lot. But as a general rule I like to wake to a warm Fresh Mint Tea, followed by a glass of Water with apple cider vinegar shot. I then have my breakfast which I really enjoy. This is all usually in bed and I like to browse my emails and read a few blogs during this time too. I will mostly follow with a mediation or some gentle yoga.”

spotlight on - Carly

And now some ‘quickies’

The craziest thing I’ve ever done …

“Is yet to be seen…”

I feel at my absolute best when …

“My absolute best is still a feeling I hope to encounter but I feel best inside when I am happy and when I am connecting with my true self and my favourite people. When I feel love.”

My go-to affirmation is ….

“I am good enough”

To wrap it up, some words of wisdom you like to share with my tribe?

“Always be yourself and know that you are perfect and enough just as you are – flaws, anxieties and all.

Appreciate the little things in life and take a moment to smile and smell the flowers.

Let the people in your life know how much you love them.

Be Well and Breathe Happy.”

Isn’t she a wonderful crazy strong lady?! I am so grateful I met her and that she wanted to participate in my interview series. Her messages always make my day. Head over to Living Brightly and say hi!

Until next time + lots of love



Carly is the creator of Living Brightly – A Wellbeing & Inspirational Blog. As a long term health sufferer of CFS/ME/Thyroid/Adrenal/Autoimmune issues she hopes to build a community to inspire and motivate those on a healing journey. She also aims to encourage everybody (regardless of circumstance) to pursue their own Passion & Purpose in order to create Beautiful Lives. She believes that true Wellbeing is a unique synchronistic blend of Mind, Body & Soul. Her Mantra is to Be Well & Breathe Happy.

Find her at http://www.living-brightly.com

Connect on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/livebrightly.carly

Twitter at https://twitter.com/CarlyJennings3

20 thoughts on “Spotlight On – Carly Jennings

  1. Carly

    Thankyou so much for the opportunity to feature honey. I feel honoured and humbled by your intro. Thank you so much. I think we met for a reason. Lots of love xxx

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  2. Ariadne

    I absolutely love this interview! So nice to get a behind-the-scenes snippet about the lovely human Carly! Lots of love to both of you xx

    1. Nikki Post author

      Ah thank you Ariadne! I totally agree it’s nice to get some insight is this lovely human being. I always love working on my interview series, it’s so inspiring. Thank you for stopping by. Lots of love xx


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