06.24.14Much needed break

Hello! I’m back again. I took a little much needed break from it all. Writing that is. In my previous post I wrote about feeling guilty for not blogging, creating and all the rest. Even though that feeling never completely disappeared I made a conscious decision to take it a bit easier and I knew that I would come back to writing when I was ready for it. And that time has come.

After a great chat with the lovely Ingrid from Ingstyle last night I felt inspired to put some words on ‘electronic’ paper again. It’s always so nice to talk to someone who completely understands how you feel about certain things, insecurities and all, without having to explain yourself too much. It gives clarity and is a great reminder that you’re not alone in feeling this. Relief. We’ve also interviewed each other for our blog features, so watch this space!

The other reason why I’ve not been writing for a week or 2 is because I didn’t quite know where to start again. I felt I had not been doing enough, even though I have been doing things ‘behind the scenes’. The “I’m not enough” showed her face for a bit which made me put things off even further. Speaking to Ingrid; she pointed out that even the tiniest bit of writing each day will make the difference, rather than writing once or twice a week. This will make it easier to overcome resistance and keep the focus. From experience I know this to be true but it seemed to have slipped my mind. I love a good reminder.

much needed break

Also, the complete lack of schedule hasn’t helped. Once again a reminder that planning does actually work, which is something I need to work on.  Since I was in a great blogging flow for a while I guess I thought I didn’t need planning but I can safely say I do. Lesson learned.

I must say I have enjoyed not being behind my laptop that much and taking advantage of the lovely weather instead. It’s definitely heating up here in London town and everyone is in good spirits. The longest day of the year has already passed which means gradually the days will get shorter. This year is flying by!

Have you had a break recently? And how did you get back into the swing of things? Do share!


6 thoughts on “Much needed break

  1. Jennifer | Happy Trinity

    I’m completely with you on this and I certainly get the same thoughts around ‘I’m not good enough’ and lacking a sense of direction. My big one lately is ‘I don’t have the time’. But you’re right, it’s just about carving some time in the week to just write, to let the creative juices flow and to get words down on electronic paper. Thanks for the reminders Nikki. It’s great to see you back x

    1. Nikki Post author

      Hello dear, so good to read I’m not the only one having these thoughts. Lack of time is a big one for me as well, although I believe every little bit helps however it can all be overwhelming at times. Thank you for your comment and know how much or little you’re doing; you’re doing great! xxx

  2. Thuja

    I’m extremely looking forward to my 3,5 week break next friday. And boy will I have difficulties getting back into the swing! First enjoying :-)

    1. Nikki Post author

      Hi Thu, great to see you here :) thanks for stopping by! 3.5 week break sounds divine! Enjoy to max, are you off to anywhere nice or having a stay-cation? xxx

  3. Ingrid

    It was so lovely to speak to you earlier in the week! My mind was buzzing after, really enjoyed it.

    Have had a forced break this week because I’ve been sick + busy travelling, but it’s all good. Getting back in the swing of things now. Have learnt to just roll with it and I too am trying to do a little bit every day.

    Keep shining beautiful X

    1. Nikki Post author

      Hello little miss travel! so good to talk to you too :) I believe you’re still in Venice and I couldn’t be more jealous; hows that for a break! Are you sick of the gelato yet? You were my great reminder that every little bit helps. That’s the mindset I have been having for the past week and I like it, thank you!! xxxx


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