Kind Words

Paper Planes Connect“Sincere beyond measure. Driven by the calling of her heart. Devoutly committed to helping women embody their grandest dreams. Nikki has a way of not only listening, but connecting with her clients. She truly HEARS their words, even if they’re not aware of them yet, and gently coaxes them to honour what they want and to pursue it – even if the road is less travelled. Heart (always) first, Nikki leads a life of passion and purpose, and inspires her clients to find their own and to know what it means to be delighted by life because life is meant to be just that – delightful!”

Leah Davies | Paper Planes Connect

Emma Kate Co“Where to start, with this incredible being? Perhaps, with her light. Nikki is luminous. Being in her presence – it’s just plain infectious. You cannot help but feel light + joy in the company of Nikki. The next thing that springs to mind is passion. And authenticity. Of walking her talk. Nikki isn’t just about putting out a beautiful, meaningful message into the world – she is about living + breathing and beaming it – delightfully. You cannot help but be inspired to live the same. A writer – a scribe – yes, she’s that too. Creative. Smart. Nikki is an exquisite soul. And luckily for me – a treasured friend. Someone that I feel closely supported + celebrated by, even from the other side of the world. I completely adore this lady, and you will too”.

Emma Kate Codrington | Emma Kate Co.

in a“Nikki is a breath of fresh air and is a prime example of leaving the rules and the “shoulds” behind and following your bliss. She manages to walk that line between the corporate career ‘world’ and the heart-led passion ‘world’ proving that they do not have to be mutually exclusive – a message I think many people are seeking in current times.”

Christina Smith | Actor and Arbonne consultant

spotlight on“Nikki’s warmth, kindness and gentle nature instantly puts you at ease. Through her coaching she has helped me gain clarity to focus on what is really important. Her questions are deep and insightful, empowering you take the next steps that are needed. Nikki’s passion and enthusiasm shines through – working with her has helped transform my fears into challenges and opportunities. I feel so blessed to have worked with her!”

Natalie Costa | Confidence Coach

jess copyIt was always comforting to know that although I may not have had a scheduled meeting; she always made time for me. I always felt like I had my back up if times go a little tougher, and 2 minutes in, I could feel the confidence surging back through me. If you are even a little bit unsure whether life coaching is for you, just try it once. You will walk out with a different mind-set and what you will learn can be used in any aspect of your life. You may go in for 1 thing, but walk out knowing you can take on the world.

Nikki is an absolute life saver in my eyes, I have finally found the confidence to stand up for what I believe in and not be general dogs-body I have been for years. I am a better version of myself, and I love it!

Jess Byrne | Paralegal