01.12.15It’s giveaway time!

To celebrate the launch of my new blog beauty at the end of last year and the start of 2015 (I know we’re nearly mid-Jan already but you get the idea) I have planned a little giveaway for one of you lovely people.

This little bundle of joy includes
** My fave body wash from Rituals named Happy Buddha – it’s divine **
** One of the Happy Jackson London colourful journals Рfor all your beautiful thoughts and dreams **
** 4 Skype coaching sessions avec moi where we can explore areas such as confidence, abundance, living with purpose and dream goal setting (up to you really!) **

GiveawayAre you getting excited? To enter you just have to…

… Jump on my newsletter mailing list, if you’re not on it already. You can join either here or on the sidebar (you can always unsubscribe!)

…Answer the following questions
* what is your word for 2015 and why?
* how delighted with life are you at the moment?

Either leave your answers in the comments below or email me on nikki@nikkidevet.com

This giveaway will only run for a limited period of time, closing on Friday 23rd January. The winner shall be announced the following week.

So are you in? I do hope so and am excited to see your answers coming my way. Let’s celebrate!


6 thoughts on “It’s giveaway time!

  1. Elizabeth

    My word for the year is thrive :) Right now I am pretty happy with life but look forward to taking my business and creative ambitions to the next level.

  2. maxine m partridge

    my word is no. im too keen to say yes to everything, be it food, or helping people. i always end up being took advantage of!
    lifes pretty good at the minute (for once)
    thanks for the giveaway


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