Coach with Me

You have felt the pull. You’re heart is trying to tell you something but you can’t make sense of it all. It’s a craving, a desire, a secret. You have been holding this inside you for a while, unable to find the right words or the courage to share it, but you’re bursting at the seams to let it out.

You want to be heard, listened to, and most importantly, understood.

Or maybe you know exactly what sets your soul on fire, but for some reason, you don’t know how or where to go next. Something is holding you back. It makes you feel uncomfortable, insecure, scared even. A voice in your head is telling you to drop these silly longings, but your heart knows better.

Every fibre in your body tells you to pursue this.

Imagine what your life would look like if you would give in to those feelings. If you were able to stop the chatter in your mind and follow your intuition. Can you see it? Can you feel it?

All this is possible for you lovely. It doesn’t have to be just a vision. It can be your reality. It’s your choice to make. You have the opportunity to say ‘yes’ to what your heart is telling you. The question is: are you ready?

I’m here to listen to you.

I create a safe and secure place for you to share your story.

Your dreams are precious to me. I’m here to help you step into your dream and hold your hand when the going gets tough. I’m here to encourage you to tap into that pull tugging at your heart strings. I’m here to celebrate your small and big wins with you.

I have got you covered.


Because, above all else….

:: I want you to feel good. In fact, I want you to feel GREAT.

:: I want you to be happy – you know, the kind that has you smiling on the inside and out

:: I want you to be empowered to trust your intuition and choose your heart over your head.

:: I want you to know you have a choice.

And you know what? We can have a hell of a lot of fun exploring this together.

So what makes our coaching fun?

Building an authentic, open and honest connection – laughs, tears and all, that’s what. It’s what got me into this business in the first place.

Coaching makes me smile. It makes me thrive. It’s important when we team up and work collaboratively that this connection resonates. My wish is to make a difference in your life, no matter how small, and I want us to enjoy every step of the process.

Sarah Jensen 3“Nikki is such a wonderful coach. She genuinely cares and is such an open, encouraging and supportive person. She’s helped me break down so many barriers in my life and in my business. She’s helped me let go of limiting beliefs, boost my self-esteem, get clear, get organised, set goals and achieve them. She asks deep, guiding questions that help me get right down to the heart of the matter so I can clear out the old and make way for the new. I’m so grateful to have Nikki as my coach. I love working with her and I love how much positive change she’s empowered me to make. “

Sarah Jensen | Enliven. Enlighten. Empower. 


lisa“Living in London and trying to hold down a demanding full time job whilst also writing my first novel was overwhelming. I had so much to do in one day that I struggled to focus on one thing at a time. After having regular sessions with Nikki, she helped me work out a plan, based around my usual day, on how to prioritize and manage my time more productively. It has worked wonders and things are finally getting ticked off my to do list.

Nikki also helped me to pinpoint certain important factors within me that I require to achieve long-term happiness within my career and personal life. She asked questions based upon my previous work history and current situations. The lightbulb moments were mind-blowing and it has made me feel more focused and determined to make that a reality for my future.”

Lisa Baxter | Writer

 Coach with me

My coaching offering is designed for you to feel inspired and connected.

I’m not going to give you a sales pitch because that’s not my style.

If you feel drawn by my words, and are ready to show up for this life which is yours for the taking, I can assure you my full dedication and commitment while we work together. Whether it’s during our sessions or in the days between, I’m here to support you and cheer you on. Together we can manifest change, and you’ll be reminded of who you are and your amazing abilities.

You are unique and divinely special 

Life coaching with me is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution and for this very reason, I have various options available to honour you and where you are at this moment.

6 Week Packages

My six week packages are tailored to specifically meet your individual and unique needs. My thing is guiding women to live a delighted life and with that I mean finding (and living!) your true purpose. This entails getting crystal clear on what exactly is pulling at your heart, moving forward in your own adventure, building your confidence and stepping into your power with a whole lot of conviction!  

Do you dream of

:: tuning into your intuition and trusting this feeling with each decision you make?

:: harnessing that crystal clarity that so many talk of and following your path with confidence?

:: using your purpose as your life compass?

:: developing an action plan to guide you forward?

:: feeling empowered to pursue your desires?

This is all available to you lovely and I’m here to show you how.

My packages come with a free 30 minute exploration session, followed by six 1 hour sessions and unlimited email support.

Single Session

You’re not ready to commit to a full package or simply don’t want to?

Do you just need a little guidance? Some extra support? A bit of clarity, perhaps some action steps to help you on your way? Or do you simply want to explore if coaching is the right for you? I hear you, you have come to right place.

I offer single sessions specifically for this reason. Let’s talk: you share, I listen.

“I loved being coached by Nikki. She has amazing empathy and a very unique ability to listen and communicate in a very natural and down to earth way. By balancing just the right amount of challenge and understanding, she brought calm and clarity into in my life.” 

Martina Valente


jess copy“There were many habits I had picked up in my 26 years which made me enable the behaviour around me and I needed to take responsibility for the way in which people treated me and put an end to it, in a positive and realistic way. Nikki helped me to rationalise the behaviour, step outside my own bubble and really look at all aspects of my “issues” and  think about why these situations took place, what did I do to allow it, and how can I implement small but big impact skills to change what was happening regularly.

Not only did Nikki teach me skills in how to approach people, how to say things, how to get the best result out of a bad situation, she completely changed my mind frame. I had issues relating to several aspects of my life, work; love; family and the biggest, my internal thoughts about myself.

Nikki has taught me to really think about things, take 2 seconds to step out the situation and think about why this is happening? How would I prefer it to be? Now make that happen? Not only do I now have a better relationship with my family; but work life has taken me in a more mature, professional direction. Everybody looks at me differently, I think differently, and I am treated the way I deserve. And I couldn’t have done it without the time and skills Nikki has taught me.”  

Jess Byrne

 My wish for you

I want to remind you that with each and every step you take, you are creating change. The first step is to show up for it and the simple fact that you are here, reading my words, means you are.

My wish for you is to be happy. Truly happy.

I wholeheartedly believe that everybody deserves to have the best life they can have. I want you to feel empowered to speak up and go after your dreams. To trust your intuition and run with it. For you to fully embrace your life and your you-ness.

I want you to be delighted with life.

Thank you so much for checking out my life coaching offer and I am beyond excited to work with you! Send me an email to and we can discuss the details, availability and pricing.

To many more heart-driven choices, just like this one xo