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04.08.15Are you a fixer?

Do you recognise this?

You see someone close to you going through a hard time. You want to step in. You want to take away their pain and carry their burden. You are desperate to help. You give them advice. You encourage them. But nothing changes. You try again and again. And again.

Because of the caring, loving person you are, you are involved now too. Without the other person asking for it. You’ve already taken on their troubles and made them your own. But nothing changes.

You want the best for this person. You could see their potential. You can see them feeling better and happy. It is all within reach. Why doesn’t she see what you see? (I’m using she here for simplicity)

This is something that keeps coming up not only with my lovely clients but also in my circle of friends. It makes me smile that the people around me care so much about others that they’re literally willing to put their life on the line for someone else. continue reading

28.07.15How to rise from the cloud of self neglect

I’m writing this whilst high up in the sky, crossing the Atlantic ocean. Somewhere between Madrid and Guatemala. This might sound silly but I’m liking that I will be stuck on this plane for 11 hours or so, it forces me to ‘stop’ and just sit. Nowhere to go. Only time to rest and write. Exactly what I need right now…

The last few weeks have been a whirling blur. Head, heart and soul.

I felt deflated, permanently hungover, floating somewhere between existing and living, feeling like things were spinning out of control and not being able to get a handle on what I’m doing or where I’m going. It felt purposeless.

Fun but without direction.

Clarity gone.

Focus non-existent.

After a few weeks in this funny head space, the questions begun. What is wrong with me? Why can’t I shake this feeling? Feeling ‘down’ is probably the best way to describe it but because I didn’t know what was ‘up’ I wasn’t sure how to change this. So I kept going. continue reading